INSEEC U., the French leader in private higher education with 12 schools and 30,000 students, is changing its name to OMNES Education. The group presented its 5-year strategic plan at a press conference held at the beginning of the school year. Based on an investment of 100 million euros over the period, the group intends to strengthen its offer of schools and multidisciplinary programs, multiply educational innovations and open new campuses in France and Europe. OMNES Education affirms its ambition by proposing an innovative and high- quality education model capable of meeting the challenges posed by economic, digital, environmental and societal transitions

Develop new offerings and multi-disciplinary programs
The Group intends to develop its international and European appeal through the acquisition of new schools in major cities, thus offering students new prospects. The London Campus, which is accessible to all the Group's schools, is a guarantee of study in the UK.

Its strategic ambition also involves developing the portfolio of existing programs and targeted purchases of schools, particularly in digital, art and design. For the start of the 2022-2023 academic year, OMNES Education will also open a one-semester immersion program for post-baccalaureate students wishing to build their career choices by experimenting with different disciplines.

In addition, OMNES Education intends to support its students in the construction of personalized courses within the group, in particular by creating bridges between the schools to offer modules in other disciplines and reinforced support.

Intensify pedagogical innovation
Based on research rooted in economic and societal realities, combining analysis, agility and interdisciplinarity, OMNES Education wishes to develop innovative educational projects adapted to the needs of companies and the learning styles of students.
Concerned about guaranteeing its students a quality training experience and a good professional integration, OMNES Education wishes to develop apprenticeship by closely associating its 10,000 partner companies. This field will be consolidated by an increase in the number of programs registered in the RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles).

The group will intensify the development of digital solutions to guarantee the quality of its teaching through hybrid teaching models (face-to-face and distance). The group is investing 40 million euros to extend 2,500 hours of asynchronous training, including 113 multi-topic online courses and 15 different e-learning formats.

Increase its geographical presence in France and Europe
OMNES Education is reinventing itself to imagine a new academic experience and meet the new needs expressed by students, faculty and companies. To provide an attractive working and living environment for all students and stakeholders, the Group is expanding its Lyon and Bordeaux sites, installing new schools, and creating three new multidisciplinary campuses: Paris - La Défense for the start of the 2022 academic year, Rennes and Marseille in 2023 and 2024.

Internationally, the group, which already has nearly 600 partnerships in 69 countries with students of 100 nationalities, plans to welcome 5,000 international students within three years.
To go further, OMNES Education will enrich the offer of English-speaking programs, particularly through its Master's and Bachelor's programs.

Responsible and sustainable issues, a reason to act
Awareness of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development in its environmental, social, societal and economic dimensions has undeniably been accelerated by the current health crisis. OMNES Education was able to structure and develop its CSR approach very early on. The Group is ranked first in France in the UI GreenMetric 2020 ranking of the higher education and research establishments most committed to CSR and sustainable development.

OMNES Education innovates with the launch of PACT, Programme d'Action Citoyenne de Terrain - in partnership with GROUPE SOS, leader in the social and solidarity economy in Europe, a student immersion program, aimed at 1,000 students from the start of the 2021 academic year, and up to 10,000 students by 2025. Placed at the heart of GROUPE SOS associations and structures, the students are made aware of the themes of civic commitment through an “action-based” approach that is as close as possible to the problems of CSR.

Continuing to grow with a new identity
Aware that this ambition must be supported by a strong brand, the group has given itself a name that makes its multiple offerings clearer and removes the ambiguities between the INSEEC schools and the INSEEC U Group.

The name OMNES Education, meaning “all” in Latin, illustrates the group's raison d'être: “to train and support all profiles to build their success”. It suggests the diversity of the teachers and the multitude of student profiles, which are found and crossed in the campuses, while forming a global coherence, that of the training.

Each school retains its name, its history, its brand and its values, but a new common graphic design reflects its link with OMNES Education. The creation of this common brand will strengthen the synergies between the schools and illustrates more than ever the group's desire to build futures that correspond to the expectations of all its students, in close connection with the challenges of business and the contemporary world, which is faced with the challenge of environmental transition.