CeramTec invests in specialist for precision casting

CeramTec has acquired DAI Ceramics Inc. of Willoughby, Ohio. The American company specializes in the production of ceramic cores for precision casting applications. CeramTec's acquisition of the company adds a number of advanced ceramic products to its portfolio. This strategic move enables the company to offer an even larger range of products for various casting methods while strengthening its presence in the American market.

CeramTec GmbH's acquisition of DAI Ceramics Inc. is another important step for the future: The ceramic experts are now in a position to establish a wider range of products in the market. At the same time, this move drives the company's growth.

DAI Ceramics specializes in the production of ceramic cores for gas turbine components and medical engineering applications. They are used in precision casting in the production of advanced components for aircraft engines and stationary gas turbines, medical implants and other delicate high-tech applications in foundries.

Highest quality for high-tech applications

The soluble single-use cores are used in fine metal casting, especially to implement channels in complex metal components. To do this, the cores are first placed in the precision casting molded parts. They serve as placeholders for the later channels and leave a cavity in the cast mold after they are removed, which, for example, gives the component a cooling function when it is used. The company's products are compatible with virtually all metallic alloys. CeramTec's acquisition of the company and the now wider range of applications will enable it to better satisfy the demands of its customers in the precision foundry industry who use a large variety of alloys.

Leader in the niche segment

DAI Ceramics Inc. was founded in 1986. The founders acquired the assets of Dalton Aerospace Inc. from Ferry Industrial Inc. and changed the name of the company to DAI Ceramics Inc. The headquarters were moved from Massachusetts to Willoughby, Ohio. The shareholders expanded the company in the following years and enhanced the product range in the process. DAI Ceramics successfully established itself as a supplier in the ceramic cores niche segment, especially in the American market.

DAI Ceramics Inc. currently has 73 employees and is certified according to ISO 9001.