Manufacturer of high performance ceramics
Transaction value
€1,490 million
Sept 2013

CeramTec is a leading global manufacturer of high performance ceramics for application in medical and industrial end-markets. The company's advanced ceramic products offer unique, application-specific mechanical, electrical, thermal and biochemical properties. Its proprietary product portfolio includes ceramic hip joint prostheses components, piezo tapes, high speed cutting tools; and ballistic ceramics for armoured vehicles.

CeramTec is headquartered in Plochingen, Germany, and employs more than 3,000 staff across 18 facilities worldwide.

In 2012, the company generated revenues of €425 million. 34% of sales, and the majority of EBITDA was generated by its Medical Products business unit which markets the Biolox-branded components for hip implants.  This business grew sales at a compound annual growth rate of more than 10% from 2005 to 2012 as a result of both demographically driven growth in the number of orthopaedic surgeries, and substitution in favour of ceramic components.  CeramTec’s industrial business units increased sales at a compound annual growth rate of approximately 3% over the same period despite challenging macroeconomic conditions.

Cinven acquired CeramTec in September 2013 from Rockwood Holdings, Inc. for a total consideration of €1.49 billion.

CeramTec is well positioned for continued growth building upon its exceptional material science expertise and long-standing customer relationships.  The company will specifically benefit from:

  • market leadership in the growing joint replacement component market, driven by further penetration of ceramic components;
  • continued innovation and introduction of new products across a number of applications including medical, lighting, and semiconductor manufacturing; and
  • significant opportunities in emerging markets, notably China, and North America.

Our German and Industrials teams reviewed CeramTec in 2004, as part of another transaction and continued to follow the business until an acquisition was possible.

Cinven has an excellent track record of supporting companies to grow globally in both the Healthcare and Industrial sectors. Our strategy for CeramTec includes:

  • investing in the expansion of production facilities to support further growth in the hip implants market;
  • supporting the launch of new product initiatives such as components for LED lighting applications, and further medical products; and
  • accelerating the company's growth outside its core European markets, specifically in North America and Asia, building on our proven experience with portfolio companies such as Phadia, Sebia and CPA Global, and the experience of our Asian portfolio team.

Under Cinven’s ownership, CeramTec has improved productivity, focused its industrials portfolio on products with the greatest potential and pursued selective add-on acquisition opportunities.  In May 2016, CeramTec acquired US-based DAI Ceramics, providing the company with a complementary product portfolio and geographic footprint, as well as access to new end markets, such as aerospace.