Our People

At Cinven, we operate as a single international team organised by industry sector and region. Our multi-national, multi-lingual investment team is one of the most experienced and stable in the private equity industry.

Adam Prindis

Adam PrindisPrincipal

Adam Watkins

Adam WatkinsExecutive

Alex Leslie

Alex LesliePartner

Alexandra Hess

Alexandra HessPartner

Anastasya Molodykh

Anastasya MolodykhAssociate

Andrea Bertolini

Andrea BertoliniPrincipal

Anthony Cardona

Anthony CardonaPrincipal

Anthony Santospirito

Anthony SantospiritoPrincipal

Babett Carrier

Babett CarrierHead of Legal and Compliance

Ben Osnabrug

Ben OsnabrugSenior Principal

Bruno Schick

Bruno SchickPartner

Caspar Berendsen

Caspar BerendsenPartner

Caspar Wahler

Caspar WahlerAssociate

Cecilia Colistra

Cecilia ColistraAssociate

Channelle Wallace

Channelle WallaceAssociate

Chris Good

Chris GoodPartner

Chris Robinson

Chris RobinsonPrincipal

Christopher Anderson

Christopher AndersonManaging Director, Capital Markets

Courtney Basanovic

Courtney BasanovicAssociate

Daniel Garin

Daniel GarinAssociate

Daniel Tanase

Daniel TanaseAssociate

David Barker

David BarkerPartner

David Giroflier

David GiroflierPrincipal

Eugenio Preve

Eugenio PreveSenior Principal

Florian Luther

Florian LutherSenior Principal

Hugh Langmuir

Hugh LangmuirExecutive Chairman

Ignacio Garcia-Altozano Fesser

Ignacio Garcia-Altozano FesserPrincipal

Immo Rupf

Immo RupfPartner

Ivan Kwok

Ivan KwokPartner

Jan Schönfeld

Jan SchönfeldAssociate

Jan-Nicolas Garbe

Jan-Nicolas GarbePrincipal

Jason Diaz

Jason DiazAssociate

Javier Navarro-Rubio

Javier Navarro-RubioAssociate

Jesús García Gómez

Jesús García GómezAssociate

Johan Pettersson

Johan PetterssonAssociate

John Richardson

John RichardsonSenior Principal

Jonas Nilsson

Jonas NilssonPartner

Jorge Quemada

Jorge QuemadaPartner

Joseph Wan

Joseph WanPartner

Julian Nahm

Julian NahmAssociate

Julien Lammoglia

Julien LammogliaSenior Principal

Karel Doorman

Karel DoormanAssociate

Letizia Bellucci

Letizia BellucciAssociate

Massimiliano Mascolo

Massimiliano MascoloAssociate

Matthew Jenkins

Matthew JenkinsDirector

Matthew Norton

Matthew NortonPrincipal

Matthew Sabben-Clare

Matthew Sabben-ClarePartner

Maxim Crewe

Maxim CrewePartner

Michael Korzinstone

Michael KorzinstoneSenior Principal

Miguel Segura

Miguel SeguraPrincipal

Mike Colato

Mike ColatoFinance Director

Morgan Schmit-Sobeck

Morgan Schmit-SobeckExecutive

Nicolas Paulmier

Nicolas PaulmierPartner

Olivier Cassat

Olivier CassatAssociate

Pete Blakeney

Pete BlakeneyExecutive

Peter Catterall

Peter CatterallPartner

Philip Cathcart

Philip CathcartAssociate

Philipp von Lossau

Philipp von LossauAssociate

Pierre Estrade

Pierre EstradeSenior Principal

Pontus Pettersson

Pontus PetterssonPartner

Rebecca Abrey

Rebecca AbreyAssociate

Roberto Italia

Roberto ItaliaSenior Adviser

Rory Neeson

Rory NeesonSenior Principal

Rui-Yang Ang

Rui-Yang AngAssociate

Samy Jazaerli

Samy JazaerliAssociate

Sarah Verity-Thomas

Sarah Verity-ThomasManaging Director, Investor Relations

Soren Christensen

Soren ChristensenPartner

Stuart McAlpine

Stuart McAlpineManaging Partner

Supraj Rajagopalan

Supraj RajagopalanPartner

Tarek Bayazid

Tarek BayazidDirector

Thilo Sautter

Thilo SautterPartner

Thomas Railhac

Thomas RailhacPartner

Tom Thomasson

Tom ThomassonAssociate

Tony Ling

Tony LingExecutive

Vanessa Maydon

Vanessa MaydonCorporate Affairs Director

Xavier Geismar

Xavier GeismarPartner

Yalin Karadogan

Yalin KaradoganPartner

Zoe Lockwood

Zoe LockwoodHuman Resources Director