Our Investors

As a blue-chip manager with a 20+ year track record and a long-standing investor base, Cinven has always placed primary importance on its responsibilities towards its investors ("Limited Partners" or "LPs"). The guiding principles are transparency and accessibility, and Cinven provides regular, accurate and detailed information across all of our communications with investors. Cinven's LPs are global and include:

  • Corporate pension funds
  • Public pension funds
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Life insurance companies
  • Endowments and foundations
  • Family offices

Cinven understands that, for many investors, the engagement with managers today extends beyond fund investments and the firm puts significant resources into addressing the requirements of each investor. The provision of co-investment opportunities to its LPs is an important part of this strategy.

Our Limited Partners are represented by an Advisory Committee which meets twice a year. Cinven also presents its portfolio companies' annual results to Limited Partners at an annual meeting in London in March and holds a group meeting in New York in October. 

The Investor Relations and Fundraising team

Cinven's Investor Relations and Fundraising team ("IR team") comprises a group of senior individuals, all with investment and/or operational experience, who serve as key points of contact between the firm and our LPs. With a commitment to professionalism, integrity and transparency, the IR team strives to uphold the highest standards of communication across all interactions with Cinven's Limited Partners. The IR team is led by Alexandra Hess.

Alex Hess

Alexandra Hess
Alexandra leads the Investor Relations and Fundraising team and is the principal point of contact for Limited Partners at Cinven Partners LLP. Alexandra holds an AB in Art History from Princeton University, an MA in Communications from the University of Pennsylvania and an MPP from Harvard University.
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Client Services

An important part of the broader IR team's responsibilities is the provision of detailed reporting, presentations and responses to LPs' inbound requests. These aspects of the IR team's responsibilities are led by Sarah Verity-Thomas.

Alex Hess

Sarah Verity-Thomas
Sarah is responsible for Cinven's client services on behalf of Cinven's Limited Partners.  Sarah holds an MA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University.

The Manager of the relevant Fund informs LPs when Cinven makes an acquisition or realises an investment and that LPs are briefed on important developments across the firm and portfolio by the Managers. Limited Partners also benefit from online access to portfolio company reports, presentations, recorded conference calls and other financial and legal material through Cinven's secure extranet.

Global Access to Cinven

In addition to providing its LPs with direct access to the firm's leadership and investment professionals, Cinven also dedicates significant resources towards building and maintaining long-term partnerships with its LPs. This ensures that a cross-section of Cinven individuals visit investors in their home countries in addition to the regional events that Cinven hosts on a regular basis. To facilitate this coverage of Cinven's global investors, the team is organised globally in the following way:

Responsibility for Cinven's LPs in the Americas:

Alex Hess

Jonas Nilsson
Jonas is responsible for Cinven's operations in the Americas where Cinven has Financing, Investor Relations and Portfolio team resources dedicated to its European investment portfolio.  He is also responsible for Cinven's Limited Partners in the region. Jonas has an MBA in Business Administration from Harvard Business School and a BA in Economics and Political Science from Amherst College in Massachusetts.
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Responsibility for Cinven's LPs in Asia and Oceania:

Alex Hess

Joseph Wan
Joseph is responsible for Cinven's operations in Asia, based in Cinven's Hong Kong office. He is a member of the Portfolio team and is also responsible for Cinven's Limited Partners in Asia and Oceania. Joseph has a BSc in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley. 
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Responsibility for Cinven's LPs Europe, Middle East and Africa:

Alex Hess

Yalin Karadogan
Yalin is a member of the Investor Relations and Fundraising team, responsible for Cinven's Limited Partners in EMEA. He is also a member of the Investment team as Head of Emerging Europe with responsibility for developing Cinven's activities in Turkey and other Emerging European countries. Yalin holds a BA in Mathematics & Economics from Lafayette College. Contact Yalin