Beauty International Fragrances

Cosmetics and fragrances
Jan 1984
Jul 1988

Beauty International Fragrances was established as a new company in July 1984 to acquire four separate businesses, each involved in the distribution of fragrances and cosmetics. Cinven supported a management team who had identified the availability of these different businesses and saw the opportunity to create a business in a larger scale.

Beauty International’s management planned rapid growth for the business by improving the product positioning of the brands it distributed, to augment this by the introduction of new products and generally expand the distribution of the brands both in the UK and overseas. The experienced management had a thorough background in the fragrances and cosmetics sectors and believed its aims could be achieved in a market that had been ripe for growth for some time.

Cinven’s original investment was subsequently reduced through an institutional placing in 1985 and the company was sold to a trade purchaser in 1988.

Multiple returned on investment: 2x