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17 May 2016

Coor first in the Nordics to use hands-free cleaning robots

Coor Service Management is the first company in the Nordics to use automated cleaning robots. The robots optimize cleaning services by improving efficiency, increasing quality and ensuring more sustainable cleaning practices.

The cleaning robot is a combination sweeper-scrubber for hard surfaces, that has been developed for large and open floor spaces such as corridors, production plants, warehouses, hospitals and airports. The cleaning robot makes cleaning more environmentally friendly, as it purifies and reuses its water supply continuously. The robot takes over monotonous and heavy routine tasks and facilitates the work of cleaning staff.

“Cleaning robots have several advantages. They reduce the environmental impact and improve the working environment, while also providing more flexible cleaning services at times that suit the customer. Cleaning robots make cleaning services more efficient and sustainable,” commented Sten Mortensen, Concept Manager, Cleaning Services at Coor Service Management.

The cleaning robot is controlled by uploading floor plans to its memory. When the robot cleans, the operator selects the relevant floor plan and supplies the robot with water and cleaning solution, and then starts the machine. Once the cleaning process has been completed, operational data is saved into a report that is sent to the operator.

Coor carries out structured innovation processes that enhance customer experience, increase efficiency and improve the working environment. This work often uses innovative technological applications. Coor Smart Solutions is the umbrella name for these services that use advanced technology. More information is available on Coor’s website.