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14 December 2015

Coor Service Management extends and expands collaboration with Saab

Defense and security group Saab has chosen to extend and expand its collaboration with Coor Service Management for a further five years. The agreement means that Coor will continue to deliver and develop several services for Saab at most of its sites in Sweden. The new contract also includes Saab's plant in Karlskrona.

The defense and security group Saab is a leading global manufacturer in multiple areas of military defense with manufacturing facilities at a number of sites across Sweden. The agreement relates to integrated facility management comprising fixed subscription services with the potential for additional project volumes worth some SEK 260 m annually. The agreement is being extended for five years.

"We're incredibly proud of extending our collaboration with Saab, a customer with high demands on quality and efficiency. We take every assignment as a proof of confidence, and our ambition now is to deepen and develop the collaboration in close partnership with Saab," commented Mikael Stöhr, President and CEO of Coor Service Management.

The agreement means that Coor will continue to develop and deliver a number of high-quality, cost-effective services, mainly comprising property services and cleaning, but also for example mail handling, conference services, waste management as well as project management and refurbishment. The extended agreement also implies an increased focus on development projects and energy optimization. The new assignment also includes service delivery to Saab's Karlskrona site, which means that a further 13 members of staff will be joining Coor Service Management.

"Our objective is to create solid, cost-effective operational solutions. We've worked on harmonizing service levels across our sites and offices for some years now, and this work is set to continue," commented Torbjörn Nibelius, Head of Property at Saab.