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1 December 2015

Management changes at Coor Service Management

AnnaCarin Grandin has been appointed as Coor Sweden's new President, effective from 1 January 2016. Nikolai Utheim has been appointed as new President of Coor in Norway, effective from 1 March 2016, and will be replacing Klas Elmberg, who is taking up a new position as Executive Vice President of Coor in Sweden.

AnnaCarin Grandin has been appointed new President of Coor in Sweden, effective from 1 January 2016. She is currently Senior Vice President in the Swedish operations and is replacing Ulf Wretskog, who has chosen to leave the company. AnnaCarin Grandin has held a range of management positions in Coor since 2001. This means she has solid experience of Coor's operations and that she is well known by many of Coor's customers and employees. Her operational result-oriented focus and strong customer relations profile give her the required characteristics to continue to develop the SwedishKlas Elmberg has been appointed as new Executive Vice President of Coor in Sweden, effective from 1 March 2016. Klas began his career with Coor in Operations Development in 2008, but passed quickly on to the operations and has held various operational management positions since then. Klas' strong leadership skills and his understanding of Coor's key profit drivers led to his appointment as President of Coor in Norway in 2014, and from 1 March 2016 as Executive Vice President of Coor in Sweden.

Klas Elmberg is being replaced by Nikolai Utheim, currently CFO of Coor in Norway. Nikolai joined Coor in sales of major IFM contracts, and has been CFO of Coor in Norway since 2011. Coor's Norwegian operations have grown substantially in recent years and Nikolai's sales experience, coupled with his profit focus, make him a strong replacement for Klas. The process of recruiting a new CFO of Coor in Norway is underway.

"I'm delighted with the new arrangement. AnnaCarin Grandin and Klas Elmberg make a strong leadership team in Sweden, and they have the required experience and operational strengths. At the same time, we've achieved an excellent solution in Norway, where growth in recent years has been strong and where we will now benefit from having a Norwegian at the helm", commented Mikael Stöhr, President and CEO of Coor Service Management. "It's also particularly pleasing to recognize and promote internal talent. This shows that Coor has excellent leaders, which is a key factor in our success. I would also like to thank Ulf Wretskog for the substantial commitment and effort he's contributed during his fourteen years at Coor."

As a result of the appointments, AnnaCarin Grandin and Nikolai Utheim will be joining the Executive Management Team (EMT). Klas Elmberg will remain in EMT. Although Ulf Wretskog is leaving EMT, he will remain at the disposal of group management for a period after year-end.