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2 October 2015

Management of AVIO: Lasagni passes the baton to Giulio Ranzo

Pier Giuliano Lasagni, who recently turned 66, is leaving his post as CEO and President of AVIO S.p.A. and has been named Vice Chairman of the company.

Giulio Ranzo has been named CEO and General Manager.

In a meeting today chaired by Alan J.Bowkett, the decision was made by the Board of Directors of AVIO, who also entrusted newly named Vice Chairman Pier Giuliano Lasagni with the job of supporting the company in business development and new strategies.

Roberto Italia, president of Cinven Italia and member of the AVIO Board of Directors stated: "On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank Pier Giuliano Lasagni for the work he has carried out over the years. Under his leadership, AVIO has gained a strong role in the competitive market of launchers, earning validation with the VEGA as a top player and ensuring a stable future for the workers. With Pier Giuliano we discussed continuity, vision, and entrepreneurship for the succession in the leadership of AVIO, and Giulio Ranzo gives us everything we are looking for. We know that he can count on a competent and compact executive team, ready in continuity to face the challenges of the coming years, both industrial and corporate."

Pier Giuliano Lasagni, at AVIO since 1987, was named CEO and President in August 2013. His career in aerospace began at Aeritalia and subsequently at AVIO, where he headed the Space Division for over 10 years, then he became Vice President for Business Development and Strategy of AVIO and CEO of SEPA.

Lasagni commented: "I am proud of being able to guide AVIO in the difficult moment of separation from the aeronautic branch and of having brought it to the current levels of importance and recognition in the space business with our participation in Ariane 5 and with the development and production of the VEGA launcher. I have dedicated my professional life to aerospace and I will continue to make my contribution to ensure that this company raises the name of Italy ever higher in the sustainable conquest of space."

Giulio Ranzo, 44 years old, started his career at Booz Allen Hamilton, carrying out numerous strategic consulting projects in the Aerospace and Defence industry in several European countries. He subsequently held positions as CFO and Managing Director in operating companies of the Cementir Holding group, and then entered AVIO in 2011 as the group's Senior Vice President for Strategy and Marketing, where he gained significant experience in the space business of AVIO, also holding the post of Board Member of Europropulsion. With a degree in Civil Engineering, he received doctorates from La Sapienza University in Rome and the University of California at San Diego, where he was a Graduate Research Assistant for three years.

Ranzo stated: "I'm taking the baton from Pier Giuliano in an important moment for AVIO, a company whose level of technological excellence and vision demonstrated by the management and the workers have been the key to its success, placing Italy amongst the few countries in the world to have their own space launcher: the VEGA. We will continue to invest with determination and enthusiasm in technologies and skills that are certain to sustain and increase over time the value of AVIO in both technical and human terms."