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30 September 2015

Ten satellites in orbit for Ariane 5 in 2015

Ariane 5 successfully puts into orbit two new telecommunications satellites: Sky Muster and ARSAT-2, reaching a total of ten in 2015. Launching from European Space Centre in Kourou, French Guiana, Ariane 5 seamlessly accomplished its 82nd mission.

Sky Muster, put into orbit for Australian operator nbn, will guarantee broadband access to the entire Australian population at an affordable price and will give Australia greater participation in the digital economy.

ARSAT-2, the second in a series of geostationary satellites (GEO), will allow Argentina to have its own system of space telecommunications. This satellite will enable the Americas to have direct-to-home satellite television services (DTH), Internet access via reception on VSAT antennas, data transmission and IP telephony services.

Pier Giuliano Lasagni, CEO of AVIO, commented: "With today's flight, Ariane 5 has achieved its 82nd success and we have participated with 168 motors, two for each flight in addition to the qualification flights, that we developed and manufactured entirely in-house. This confirms the role and the weight of AVIO in the launcher market. The accolades continue to come: I could mention, for example, the contract we signed in August for the development of VEGA C, successor to the current VEGA, also developed and manufactured by AVIO through our subsidiary ELV. These are important accomplishments for us and I am very proud of them. Our personnel are among the best in the world, and we are a group that works hard, fully aware of our capabilities and of the need to always look to the future."