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15 July 2015

AMCo to Sponsor SOS Children’s Villages

The British-based international niche pharmaceutical company, AMCo, is to sponsor the charity SOS Children’s Villages for its work in India and Nepal in a wide range of medical and health care from immunising children to providing homes and food for those in need.

AMCo has donated £50,000 to the charity. This will go towards a healthcare project in two villages in India. One of which is close to the company’s headquarters in Mumbai. AMCo staff will also give their time to support the project on the ground.

AMCo’s money for the healthcare project will help fund immunisation programmes for children to prevent disease like diphtheria, tuberculosis, tetanus and polio. It will also provide mosquito nets to families and nutritional support for children who are underweight. Half of all child deaths are due to malnutrition.

SOS will use part of the donation to help people in Nepal who are still suffering from the aftermath of the earthquake. This will include ‘Homes in a Box’ survival kits and providing safe places for the children to play and socialise away from the devastated areas.

AMCo recently donated £10,000 to the charity International Healthcare Partners to provide medical care in the aftermath of the disaster in the country,

Chief Executive of AMCo, John Beighton, said: “Our staff are based all around the world and see for themselves the very difficult circumstances in which some children have to live. They wanted us to do something to make a difference and support charities which allow children to grow up in a caring environment, while at the same time being helped to become independent adults."

"To support a charity which gives these children the hope of a better future is something that is important to everyone at AMCo.

SOS Children’s Villages runs sponsorship programmes to fund villages in 125 countries across the world. Homeless and disadvantages children are given a loving and supportive family where they can thrive and grow to become independent adults. The charity also provides medical centres for those in the local community who cannot afford healthcare.

SOS Children’s Villages was set up 60 years ago. It runs sponsorship programmes for young people and 100% of donations are spent on the children. Sponsors can write to the child and give extras for their birthday or to mark a celebration.

Spokeswoman for SOS Children’s Villages, Divya Patel said: "This donation from AMCo will make a real difference to vulnerable children in India and Nepal. In India we are going to use the money to bring healthcare camps to two communities and provide simple things like vaccines, mosquito nets as well as provide nutritional support for children and young people that are found to be underweight or malnourished. Half of all child deaths in India are related to simply not having enough food to eat.

In Nepal the focus of our work is to help rebuild lives that have been devastated by the earthquakes. AMCo's support will help our work of providing basic survival kits to survivors, reuniting children who are alone with their families and providing safe spaces for children to play and recover from the trauma of the disaster. Children who cannot be reunited with their families will find permanent homes in one of our ten SOS Children's Villages in Nepal.

We are delighted that AMCo has agreed to support our work so generously, it really makes a huge difference to children's lives."

AMCo’s choice of charity reflects the desire of its staff to support disadvantaged children and to enable them to grow up in a safe, loving and positive environment.