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23 June 2015

AVIO: VEGA gives a high five

Complete success for the fifth mission of the launcher designed and built by AVIO  

Today at 3.52 AM Italian time, the VEGA was launched from the European Space Centre in Kourou, French Guiana. A success for the fifth mission of the European launcher designed, developed and built by AVIO, through its subsidiary ELV (30% owned by ASI, the Italian Space Agency).  

With today's launch, VEGA has delivered the satellite Sentinel 2A to its destination; this satellite is the second element of Copernicus, the European observation system, which will operate from a sun-synchronous orbit some 786 km from Earth. Copernicus is an operational program managed by the European Commission in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA). The Copernicus Sentinels provide remote sensing data about Earth for key environmental and security services.  

Pier Giuliano Lasagni, CEO of AVIO, commented: “Thanks to the perfect outcome of this launch, VEGA has proved yet again its talent for reliability and efficiency, result of the competence and dedication of the team at AVIO, ELV and our partners. VEGA has established a firm presence in the world launcher market as one of the most attractive solutions for anyone wanting to access space and AVIO has asserted its role as a strategic player in the sector".  

VEGA belongs to a new generation of launcher designed to transfer satellites for institutional and scientific purposes into low Earth orbit (some 700 km from Earth), to observe Earth and monitor the environment. 65% built in the AVIO production plant in Colleferro, near Rome, VEGA is able to place in orbit satellites of a mass up to 1,500 kg and completes the family of European launchers.  

At the recently concluded Paris Air Show in Le Bourget, AVIO presented the evolution of VEGA, VEGA C, capable of carrying a load of up to 1,800 kg into orbit as of 2018. Over 60,000 visitors admired not just the scale model of VEGA C, but also the other products on show at our stand as well as the new company logo, unveiled at the Aerospace Show.  

“With the new trade mark” Lasagni explained, "we have wanted to strengthen our identity with space. The name AVIO has become an acronym, Advanced Vision Into Orbit, which clearly and neatly expresses our mission.”