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22 June 2015

A new Logo for AVIO

From today AVIO, world leader in the satellite launcher industry, has a new logo, officially presented to the media at the opening of the Paris Air Show at the Le Bourget showground.

In line with the company’s new mission and new business scope, AVIO has decided to communicate its evolution with a rebrand of its corporate image. The design is the result of a desire to visually convey the company’s dedication to space projects and its awareness of its own leadership. This new identity begins with the creation of a symbol to represent and sum up the tag-line and acronym: Advanced Vision Into Orbit.

AVIO CEO, Pier Giuliano Lasagni had this to say: “From today AVIO means space, and that includes visually. Our name is an acronym where ‘Advanced’ stands for our commitment to innovation, ‘Vision’ is our way of looking beyond frontiers, ‘Into’ stands for launching and routes, and ‘Orbit’ is the target, the condition and the equilibrium we guarantee our clients. Today marks a new chapter in AVIO’s history”.

The symbol is an overall design using the “A” of AVIO together with an arc that can be seen either as a section of orbit or the profile of a planet at dawn. Above the arc is a flash of light that can either be a star or the release point of a satellite, metaphorically representing vision. The overall effect is a powerful idea of propulsion and upward flight. The lettering was especially designed to transmit a powerful, modern style, which is why it is all upper case – a bold statement of knowledge and determination. The colours used for the logo, which range from light blue at the bottom to deep blue at the top, represent the progression from the Earth’s atmosphere and into space.

Another singular aspect of this logo is its vertical version, where the sequence of letters represents the shape of the VEGA rocket. A rocket in four stages, where the first two – and visually largest - sections from the bottom form the propulsion elements taking the rocket beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, and the final section, the letter A, is the section that positions the satellites.

This brand new logo is just the “tip of the iceberg” of an internal and external communication plan that touches every area of the business, from its corporate image to its media relations, and from prestigious partnerships for the creation of gadgets to the start-up of a structured web and social media strategy; all aimed at increasing the brand’s value at world level. The communication agency StudioRPR contributed to this project, co-ordinating two leading agencies in their fields: Lumen Design for the new logo, and La Buccia for the stand at the Paris Air Show and for the event to present the logo to employees.