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3 December 2014

Pronet launches smart home solutions with Pronet Plus

A new era in interactive security

Leading security services provider Pronet today launches a new era in interactive security and smart home solutions with its innovative new service Pronet Plus. With the ability to work alongside existing security alarm systems, Pronet Plus communicates via mobile channels to allow the user to access and control their home or office security systems remotely, adapting to the lifestyle preferences of today's subscribers and becoming an integral part of daily life.

Pronet Executive Chairman Alp Saul commented:

‘We have transformed our core duty of protection into an interactive service that allows constant monitoring of homes and offices. We are now also adding smart home solutions such as energy efficiency and fully integrated cameras to make life easier for our customers. Our innovative new services therefore match today's smart home needs with today's mobile capabilities.'

Pronet users will be able to access the interactive security services from their offices, from the road, or from remote locations through the Pronet Plus mobile application or website. Pronet Plus users who download the Pronet Plus application from the App Store or Google Play will be able to monitor their security systems from their mobile devices or from the web, providing constant peace of mind.

Pronet Business Development and Marketing Director Yigit Yigiter added:

‘Through mobile apps, Pronet Plus users will be able to remotely monitor and control their home or office security systems, arm and disarm their alarm systems remotely, and obtain information remotely through alerts or emails as per their preferences. In addition, even when the alarm system has not been activated, users can be updated for instance if an unwanted balcony door has been opened or an unwanted room has been entered. Some subscribers might want to be updated about when their children arrive home from school. We are now able to provide completely personalised security updates for our subscribers. In addition, our new high definition Pronet Plus camera services are fully integrated into our alarm systems to allow for complete monitoring of offices, homes, children, or domestic staff as needed.

During the course of 2015 we will also be launching further smart home solutions such as remotely turning heating or lighting on and off, or controlling doors and plugs. For instance any users planning to spend the weekend in their winter homes will be able to pre-adjust the heating to suit their specific preferences for their specific arrival times. By controlling electricity and gas usage remotely, Pronet Plus subscribers will also be able to reduce unnecessary energy spend and realise significant energy savings.

The days of having to leave the keys underneath the doormat for your cleaner are now over.'