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Numericable Group
7 April 2014

Cinven and The Carlyle Group to roll over their existing respective stakes in Numericable Group into Altice S.A.

The reorganization of Cinven and Carlyle’s investments includes the sale of approximately 14% of Numericable Group share capital to Altice France.

European private equity firm, Cinven, and global alternative asset manager The Carlyle Group (NASDAQ: CG) today announced that they have entered into an agreement with Altice France and Altice S.A (Euronext: ATC) (together Altice) to sell and rollover all their existing shares in Numericable Group (Euronext : NUM).

The reorganization of the stakes currently held by Cinven and The Carlyle Group – which total approximately 34.6% of Numericable Group’s share capital – will include (i) the sale of a 14.0% stake to Altice France (Altice S.A.’s subsidiary which currently holds Numericable Group’s shares) at a price of €30.50 per share and (ii) the exchange of their remaining stakes representing today approximately 20.6% of Numericable Group’s share capital for shares in Altice S.A., based on exchange ratio of 0.97 Altice S.A. share for one Numericable Group share.