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Numericable Group
21 March 2013

2012 results: A successful year

  • Strong revenue growth of +1.1%
  • Significant EBITDA growth: +4.6%
  • LaBox by Numericable: a commercial success 
  • A growing Multiple Play and fibre optic customer base

Numericable: a rapidly growing operator in the telecoms market

The company’s revenues continued to grow during 2012, totalling €865 million for the year corresponding to a 1.1% increase compared to 2011. Strong growth has been recorded for the company’s operational profitability (EBITDA), which was up 4.6% in comparison to 2011.

Numericable, the leading fibre optic provider in 2012

Breakdown of very-high-speed broadband customers at the end of 2012.

Numericable had 1,269,000 very high-speed broadband customers at the end of 2012 and 4.8 million households are connected to fibre optic broadband across the whole of France. Numericable has therefore maintained its position as the market leader for fibre optic broadband in France.

The fibre technology rolled out by Numericable (FTTB) is now recognised by the government and ARCEP (the French communications regulator) as a suitable form of technology for providing very-high-speed broadband.

Labox by Numericable: a commercial success in 2012

The commercial launch of LaBox by Numericable in June 2012 led to significant revenue growth in the latter part of the year (September-December). Sales were up by 40% in comparison to the same period of the previous year. Numericable has sold 121,000 LaBox by Numericable set-top boxes since summer 2012, which constitutes a real commercial success.

An expanding customer base

The number of multiple play customers is increasing (972,000 subscribers), while the number of analogue television subscribers is continuing to fall. In total, the customer base is growing with 1,628,000 subscribers connected to the Numericable network at the end of 2012 (in comparison to 1,587,000 subscribers in 2011).

A successful dual strategy

  • Efficient deployment of the fibre optic network across France in partnership with local authorities

    Numericable is pursuing its strategy of investing in fibre optic services with a capital expenditure of €219 million during 2012, thereby achieving its network investment objective for the year. Numericable is rolling out fibre optic broadband across France through co-investments with local authorities. Numericable is already working in partnership with a number of local authorities, in particular the Hauts-de-Seine, Val-de-Marne and Rhône departments. Numericable is also in talks with hundreds of local authorities throughout France, including small towns, municipal authorities and regional councils to upgrade the existing network to fibre optic.


  • Continuing development of innovations on Labox by Numericable, in response to the demands and needs of french households

    Since the launch of LaBox by Numericable, Numericable has continued to add new innovative services that allow it to respond to the rapidly growing broadband needs and demands of French households using multiple connected devices, with an average of 6.3 screens per household (source: Médiamétrie). Numericable is also rolling out an “innovation series” for LaBox by Numericable, which has become one of the best-performing devices of its type in Europe.


        2011           2012            Rate of growth    
              Revenues (€M)                865 874 + 1.1%
EBITDA (€M) 436 456 + 4.6%
CAPEX (€M) 186 219  

Q3 2012 (000,s) Q4 2012 (000,s)
Multiple Play 946 972
TV only (including analogue) 378 359
“White label” services 264 297
Total 1587 1628