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Numericable Group
16 January 2013

Numericable’s fibre-optic network is the most reliable in the market, according to the French communications regulator, ARCEP

ARCEP has recently published the findings of its research report on the quality of operators’ fixed-access services for the third quarter of 2012.

The results confirm the quality and reliability of fibre-optic broadband.

Numericable’s fibre-optic network guarantees reliability

Numericable made the choice to upgrade to fibre-optic a long time ago, and its network is now recognised as the most reliable in the market. ARCEP’s findings show that customers of Numericable’s network experience the lowest failure rate (2.29% for Numericable), compared to approximately 13% for ADSL customers.

ARCEP confirms Numericable as the number one for very-high-speed broadband

According to the findings published by ARCEP at the end of 2012 in its research report on the fixed-access market for the third quarter of 2012, Numericable provides two thirds of the very-high-speed broadband in France with 635,000 subscribers, and thus secures its position as the number one supplier of fibre-optic and very-high-speed broadband in France.

This leading position was achieved as a result of the significant investments made by the company in fibre technology: €1 billion in the last five years.

To view ARCEP’s service quality indicators for Numericable, please visit: http://www.numericable.fr/pdf/indicateurs.pdf