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Date Company News
31 March 2017 Avio Cinven completes sale of Avio to Space2 and Leonardo-Finmeccanica
20 October 2016 Avio Cinven to sell Avio
10 October 2016 Avio Successful flight for the Ariane 5 VA231
19 June 2016 Avio Successful flight for the Ariane 5 VA230
09 March 2016 Avio AVIO: Successful flight for the Ariane 5 VA229
03 March 2016 Avio AVIO: propulsion module completed for the EDRS-C satellite
17 February 2016 Avio AVIO reunites in Italy the brains of European space
28 January 2016 Avio First success of 2016 with Ariane 5
03 December 2015 Avio Sixth success for the VEGA
10 November 2015 Avio Good news from Ariane 5!
02 October 2015 Avio Management of AVIO: Lasagni passes the baton to Giulio Ranzo
30 September 2015 Avio Ten satellites in orbit for Ariane 5 in 2015
21 August 2015 Avio 81st success for Ariane 5
23 June 2015 Avio AVIO: VEGA gives a high five
22 June 2015 Avio A new Logo for AVIO
16 March 2015 Avio Avio’s Vega space rocket will launch a block of Skybox Imaging satellites
30 October 2014 Avio Arianespace signs contract with ELV for ten Vega launchers
21 February 2014 Avio Vega signs contract for two new satellites
21 December 2012 Avio Cinven's Avio to sell aviation business to GE
29 March 2012 Avio Avio results show increase in revenues, EBITDA and investment; Decrease in debt; And orders above €6 billion
13 February 2012 Avio Italy goes into orbit with Vega
30 January 2012 Avio Avio prepares for the launch of Vega and reports significant growth in 2011
12 April 2011 Avio Avio strengthens position in Brazil: Acquisition of Military MRO business
30 March 2011 Avio Avio Board Approves 2010 Results/Francesco Caio to become new Chief Executive Officer
18 October 2010 Avio Untimely death of the Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Avio Group, Orazio Ragni
18 October 2010 Avio Cinven expresses condolences at sad loss of Avio's CEO
07 August 2006 Avio Cinven reaches an agreement to acquire Avio