Responsible Investing

Responsible investment is a key priority for Cinven. We invest on behalf of large public and private sector pension funds, insurance companies, government agencies and private foundations. Many of these institutions have corporate responsibility policies. They scrutinise us closely, and we have always been aware that our reputation depends on their support.

Cinven is in business to create stronger, more profitable companies, thereby creating competitive returns for our investors. We believe that a responsible approach towards the companies the Cinven funds own, their employees, suppliers and local communities, the environment and society is an essential part of our success. We aim to act with integrity at all times and guard our reputation carefully. We value long-term relationships built on trust.

Cinven always seeks to invest in companies which comply with all applicable laws, regulations, industry guidelines and best practices. In addition, we encourage our investee companies to take a responsible approach towards environmental, social and corporate governance matters.