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Coor Service Management is a Nordic service management company with activities in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. It is the Nordic region’s leader in integrated facilities management and industrial services.

As the provider of outsourced on site support services such as catering, cleaning, security services and other support services, Coor offers efficiency gains and cost reductions to major clients throughout the Nordics. In doing so it assumes far-reaching responsibilities for its own business and the effect this has on its customers’ operations.

Since its foundation in 1998, Coor has aimed to be the market’s most attractive service provider, for customers, employees and investors. The firm’s successful development and market-leading position requires a balanced and long-term approach to all aspects of sustainability and ESG. All the company’s stakeholders need to trust Coor to conduct business professionally, safely and, increasingly, on a sustainable basis.

Developing a comprehensive ESG approach
Coor has developed a comprehensive ESG programme which incorporates a sustainability policy, a group-wide code of conduct as well as a clear set of guiding principles focused on three areas: business ethics, social and ecological/environmental. It has also developed a structured framework for monitoring and measuring these areas, with defined long-term objectives. This is supported by annual key performance indicators to ensure these objectives are being met.

Responsibility for implementing sustainability action plans rests with individual country management in recognition of regional variations, but a group-wide Sustainability Committee was established in 2012 to coordinate and mange this work. It reports directly to the group’s senior management.

Employer responsibility
First and foremost Coor and its customers are looking for services to be delivered safely and reliably. The key objective is to have a safe working environment with a high health and safety index and fewer reported incidents. A number of management and employee health and safety promotions have been developed, aimed at improving reporting and measuring incidents and accidents and promoting health at work.

Environmental approach
Coor’s greatest opportunity to contribute to a better environment is to minimise the environmental impacts of the work undertaken for customers. The group not only seeks to reduce its own operational impacts but also act as a green advisor to customers. The key indicators used are the reduction of Coor’s own energy consumption and other environmental impacts, and its role as a green adviser to customers.

To facilitate this Coor has developed a proprietary monitoring and labelling system – Coor Green Services. Previous environmental initiatives in the service management sector had been limited to individual services or products. This was the first to take a holistic view of all the environmental issues of concern to customers.

Coor Green Services covers the company’s entire service provision process – including all facilities management services as well as industrial services – across all of the workplaces, real estate locations and production facilities in which it serves its customers.

There are two levels of the Coor Green Services environmental label: gold and silver. To achieve either standard, all the services Coor is responsible for are evaluated on the basis of relevant environmental criteria. To achieve the Gold standard, an operation must satisfyall criteria. For Silver, the operations must satisfy the mandatory criteria, and more than half of the others. By reviewing the judging criteria each year, the scheme seeks to promote a high and improving standard of environmental care. Results are audited, with 2012 showing an increase in the number of both gold and silver awards as customers continue to aim for higher environmental performance. Of the 119 sites audited, 35 achieved Coor Green Services Gold (2011: 10) and 77 sites achieved Coor Green Services Silver (2011: 64).

Coor Green Services is the only comprehensive environmental accreditation system currently availablein the sector and has attracted widespread recognition.

Coor's ESG Framework


  Business responsibility — for long-term economic sustainability Corporate social responsibility — for long-term social sustainability Environmental responsibility — for long-term ecological sustainability
Overall objective Achieving long-term business sustainability by striving for stable and profitable progress over time and applying good business practice. Strive for a better society by acting as a responsible and stimulating employer, and actively influencing our subcontractors to do the same. Strive for a better environment by actively trying to reduce our own and our customers’ environmental impact.
Stategy We aim for economic stability by providing competitive, professional and value-added service delivery that makes customers satisfied. This ensures good demand for our services and long-lasting collaborations, which are the basis for stable progress of our revenues. A sharp focus on results is also important, as well as respecting laws and ordinances, and applying good business practice. We aim to be a responsible employer by providing all staff with a good, safe, fair, non-discriminatory and stimulating environment in line with the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (1998). This means focusing on occupational health & safety and health-promoting initiatives, as well as working actively on management and employee development. It also involves active supplier management. We aim for better environmental performance by acting as a green advisor to help customers reduce their environmental impact, as well as trying actively to reduce our internal energy consumption
and improve environmental performance.

Recognising performance
Coor believes that we must all take responsibility. Other award schemes have been developed to reward outstanding environmental performance, either at a company or personal level. Coor’s Swedish company has developed its own ‘Environmental Star of the Year’ scheme, which in 2012 was awarded to ICA (a large Swedish retail chain) and in 2013 has gone to real estate company Vasakronan. The Environmental Star of the Year is awarded to a customer who sets high standards in sustainable services, reviewed under Coor Green Services.

At a group level, the ‘Guiding Star of the Year’ scheme is awarded annually to a Coor employee for outstanding action in accordance with the firm’s core values. For 2012, this prize was awarded to a Norwegian employee: her prize was to travel to South Africa to work as a conservation volunteer in a national park. This is the first time that voluntary work of this nature had been offered as an award, reflecting Coor’s commitment to sustinability.

Ongoing commitment
During Cinven’s ownership, Coor has developed systems for monitoring and reporting on the full range of ESG issues that both the group, and its customers, face. Driven by a process of continuous refinement, and with stretching targets, performance has risen year-on-year. Coor continues to put business ethics, safety and environmental performance at the heart of its business and at the heart of the services it delivers to its customers.