About us

Cinven is a leading international private equity firm, founded in 1977, with offices in London, Frankfurt, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, New York and Paris. Funds managed by Cinven acquire companies with a European focus that will benefit from Cinven's expertise of growing and building companies globally and require an equity investment of €200 million or more. Cinven can also invest selectively in businesses in North America. Cinven's Portfolio team helps our portfolio companies take advantage of international best practices and growth in global markets, including those in Asia and the Americas...Read more


Investment criteria

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Cinven fund portfolio companies typically have the benefits of established operations, scale, price and product leadership, and strong brand identities. As a result they are able to attract high calibre management teams and offer a broader range of exit opportunities...
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International presence


Cinven has offices in London, Frankfurt, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, New York and Paris, giving us a strong presence on the ground in our core markets. Our offices in Asia and the Americas also help our portfolio companies to capitalise on global growth opportunities...Read more

Corporate Responsibility

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At Cinven, we believe that responsible ownership and business success go hand in hand. We invest on behalf of large public and private sector pension funds, insurance companies, government agencies and private foundations. Many of these institutions have corporate responsibility policies...Read more

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Creating Value

Cinven helps successful, high quality companies move to the next phase of their growth, drawing on the expertise of our six sector teams using our proven value creation strategies. Many of the companies that we target face challenges...Read more

Our people

At Cinven, we operate as a single international team organised by industry sector. Our multi-national, multi-lingual investment team is one of the most experienced and stable in the private equity industry.

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